Ember.js - List filtering using a multiple selection filter component

Recently I wanted to implement list filtering in one of my side projects. This post detail's how I created a multiple selection filter component and implement filtering using the filter function passed by the component.

The basic idea for the component is to have a list of options in which a user can select/unselect. If an option is selected, the component should create a filter function and send the filter function to an action. Whoever responds to the action can use the filter function to filter its content. The component has 1 property the needs to be set.

filter-key-path is the path to the object property in the content array. The value in the path will be used in the filter function for comparison.

Inside the components block template the inputs value is bound to the option value that we use for filtering. Whenever you select/unselect an option, we add/remove the option from the selectedItems array. After that, we create a filter function based on the selectedItems and pass that up using the sendAction method.

The index controller handles the action and uses the filter function passed in to filter its content.

The code is self-explanatory, and you can see it in action below.